Fifth Field Engineering
Company, est. 1909


The Campus Bookstore and Fifth Field Company (Tech Supplies) were established in 1909 by two engineering students who were attempting to offer their peers more reasonably priced supplies than could be found in downtown Kingston. Today, the Bookstore and Fifth Field Company are still owned and operated by students under the auspices of the Queen's University Engineering Society Services Incorporated (QUESSI). We are a not-for-profit corporation who endeavours to distribute required course material at the lowest possible price to students, while operating a comprehensive University bookstore for the Queen's community. We fulfill our mission by utilising the input we receive from the market we serve, and by applying the highest quality of management and service at every level of the operation.

Technical Supplies, an earlier name of the Bookstore, soon found its accommodations in Fleming Hall to be inadequate for its growing needs. In 1921, the Fifth Field Company voted to donate its entire pay for one full year, to establishing a fund for building a permanent home for Technical Supplies. Construction began in the spring of 1951, and by the fall of that year, Technical Supplies was serving students in Clark Hall, dedicated to Dean A. L. Clark, and costing a grand total of $94,546.99. Half the building was set aside for a bookstore while the other half was to be used for a student clubroom. The Bookstore area has steadily grown to become what you see today: currently one of the largest bookstores between Montreal and Toronto. The clubroom area has grown into Clark Hall Pub (the oldest pub on campus) and the EngSoc (the Engineering Society offices) which encompasses many of the Engineering life activities including the Golden Words. Outside of Clark Hall, you will find the permanent home of the four Year Crests of the Current Faculty of Applied Science.

We fully understand that textbooks are expensive and as such, we generally discount the books 7% below the publisher's suggested price. This policy means that the Campus Bookstore offers some of the lowest textbook prices in all of Canada. The Bookstore also promotes new and cost-effective methods of information dissemination such as Custom CourseWare, used books, and public domain materials as a means to cut costs and increase efficiency.

In addition to books, we provide faculty, staff and students with many important supplies and services. Occasionally, the Bookstore has sales and special events such as Hurt Penguin Week and the famous Monster Sale. You may wish to register to receive automatic e-mailings of specials and sales.  Click here to sign up.

We hope that you will take advantage of all the services we offer, and continue in a Queen's tradition that has endured since the class of 1913!